About company

SEMACO HOME & TOURIST S.R.L. S.A.S. with registered office, VIA S. Breventano 1 / B, Address, 27100 Pavia (PV), Italy, NIP IT02743540185 is part of a large capital group Semaco Invest Group Sp.z o.o. with headquarters in Krakow, ul. Saska 9/6. 30-715 Krakow, Poland.

For 30 years Semaco has been supplying the textile market in Poland and Europe with machines and new sewing technologies for the production of clothing. At the same time since 2000, the company has been successfully dealing in housing construction. In less than 20 years, Semaco has built 13 housing estates and handed over 1,500 apartments to clients.

Under the NewCampsite brand, the company offers holiday stays in modern Dutch-style homes with verandas located on developed camping areas with rich infrastructure in the immediate vicinity of the beaches. In the coming season, NewCampsite offers stays in two locations in Italy - Ca'Savio - 24 mobile homes and in Cesenatico - 10 mobile homes. Already this season, we invite you to take advantage of promotional offers for weekend and holiday stays in the above locations. In the next years, we intend to develop new tourist destinations based on a modern and extremely comfortable form. We invite you to book.